26 April, 2014

SublimeText & clang on Windows

After getting Intel compiler to play nice with SublimeText and SCons on Windows, the next target was getting it to use clang. The LLVM environment on Windows requires the MinGW base package for headers and libs, and I decided to use the MinGW-x64 prebuilt mingw-builds distribution from http://mingw-w64.sourceforge.net/download.php#mingw-builds

However, the headers do not play nice with clang and -Wall, with a bunch of typedef and macro redefinitions. I ended up adding

env.Append( CFLAGS=['-Wno-ignored-attributes', '-Wno-typedef-redefinition', '-Wno-undef',
'-Wno-unknown-pragmas', '-Wno-redundant-decls', '-Wno-shadow'] )

to my SConscript environment setup in order to get it to build, only to be greeted with a bunch of alignmen cast compilation warnings and then multiple definition errors when linking

lib\win64\debug/libfoundation.a(log.o): In function `GetCurrentFiber':
D:\dev\mingw\include/winnt.h:8139: multiple definition of `GetCurrentFiber'
lib\win64\debug/libfoundation.a(main.o):D:\dev\mingw\include/winnt.h:8139: first defined here
lib\win64\debug/libfoundation.a(log.o): In function `GetFiberData':
D:\dev\mingw\include/winnt.h:8140: multiple definition of `GetFiberData'

More to follow


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