13 April, 2014

SCons & SublimeText - Intel compiler

In order to get SCons to play nice with the Intel compiler suite version 14 (or later) on Windows it seems the intelc.py tool definition in SCons needs to be updated a bit. The layout of keys in the registry have changed and the directory layout as well.

The registry keys are now chained, so first it needs to look in
to find the UUID of the instance to use, then look in
for the various values to use for locating compiler binaries. I modified the abi strings used in the SCons intelc.py tools match the EM64T_NATIVE and IA32 strings in the 14.0 compiler release, and rewrote the get_all_compiler_versions and get_intel_registry_value functions to use this chained default -> uuid registry lookup. You can get the final modified intelc.py tool from http://www.rampantpixels.com/pub/intelc.py.

This together with the default and mslib tools (basically passing tools=['default','intelc','mslib'] to the Environment construction) allows my SCons construction environment to compile my foundation library with the Intel compiler suite within SublimeText 3. Great success!


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